About Me

Ash Arshed
Not a day over 21!!
Don’t have any!
Describe yourself:
Fun, sharp, dynamic, innovative, creative, original and a complete workaholic.
Estimated wealth:
Enough to buy myself a yearly bus pass!
Vehicles owned:
Audi TT, But my dream is to own an Audi R8! I’m drooooling!!! I also have a Harley Davidson VROD! (My Pride & Joy)
Property owned:
The clothes I’m wearing right now! and a wee Apple Watch which I bought recently! 
Most outrageous purchase:
I’m too tight to buy anything outrageous!!
One thing I always spend the extra on:
My Bike!
Best job I’ve had:
I’m doing it.
Worst job I’ve had:
Pushing trolleys when I was at school!!
The one thing I look for in employees:
Initiative and enthusiasm! Well that’s two things!!
Last CD I bought (or downloaded):
Who buys CD’s nowadays! Apple Music all the way!
Last film I saw:
Jurassic World! Great film!
Favourite holiday destination:
Favourite sport, team and player:
Glasgow Celtic!
Best investment:
My prized possession! My Apple Watch!
Things that interest me:
Money, women, and fast cars!!!
Best advice offered:
Never burn bridges!
People you admire:
Sir Richard Branson, Lord Sugar, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs
Your motto would be:
“There is nothing in business which cannot be solved by increasing your sales.”

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