High Street and online retail can work together says Play.com marketer

August 7, 2012  |  E-Commerce  |  Share

With online retail sales reportedly growing by a quarter, and High Street stores continuing to see sales decline over the last year, Adam Stewart, marketing director for online retailer Play.com has said the two can work together to strengthen retailer’s offer.

Speaking in reaction to the BDO High Street Sales Tracker, which found that online sales rose by 24.9 per cent in comparison with last July, while like-for-like sales at media-sized chains fell by 2.9 per cent, Stewart said; “The fact that online sales are up a staggering 25 per cent compared to last July shows how retail is changing and how online should be playing an increasingly important role for retailers.”

He continued; “It’s not surprising that high street sales have dipped this summer. With the wet weather and the expected congestion in London from the Olympics, consumers have understandably been avoiding the high street. At the moment it’s risky even to run from shop to shop without an umbrella and people want to steer clear of the anticipated congestion that the Olympics has brought to London’s busiest shopping streets.”

Discussing the ‘huge increase’ in online spend in the last year, Stewart said that this was proof that customers were not only searching the internet for products and prices, but now making the purchase decision online too.

“Retailers needs to take note and devise a strategy which uses the strengths of both the online and offline channels. The high street and internet can be combined to strengthen a retailer’s offering, with many people using their mobiles on the go to find deals nearby and laptops at home to research prices before going out to buy on the high street. Campaigns that effectively link up online and offline offerings include issuing online vouchers to be redeemed in store and incentives on social media rewarding brand loyalty. The results of the BDO high street tracker show that it’s imperative to have an online offering but it’s even more important that online does not herald the death of the high street,” he added.

Article Taken from the Drum Online.

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